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Tutorial: Mortgage Myths and Mortgage Mistakes
Mortgage Tutorial: Mortgage Myths and Mortgage Mistakes. Most home buyers pay too much for their mortgage - often, thousands of dollars too much. Why do .

Mortgage Myths Part 1 |
Many commonly accepted beliefs about mortgages are actually myths. In this article, a . When refinancing, the objective is to lower your payment. If you can find .

Myths, Misconceptions and Limits of the Reverse Mortgage Industry
In sum, you will still own your home not the reverse mortgage lender. You can even sell it if you like. Myth No. 2: My loved ones will pay for the loan. Reverse .

Common Financial Myths Debunked – Part 2: Mortgage Loans ...
Dec 21, 2010 . Myth #4: I should pay down my mortgage first. In theory, paying down your mortgage loan first and ahead of schedule seems to be a great .

Top 9 Reverse Mortgage Myths – Separating Fact from Fiction ...
Jan 20, 2010 . Myth: I can't get a reverse mortgage if I have an existing mortgage. Fact: False. With enough equity, you may be able to pay off your existing .

Mortgages - Mortgage Myths - H&R Block Mortgage Corporation
Learn more about mortgage myths from H&R Block Mortgage Corporation. . ONLINE TAX PREP: Start for Free for Online Tax Preparation [footer]: Pay when .

"Mortgage Myths Could be Costing You $25000!"
Marc Eisenson, author of 'The Banker's Secret,' debunks the myths about mortgage pre-payment that cost homeowners tens of thousands of dollars..

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Mortgage Interest Deduction Myth
Feb 23, 2010 . The reason why the deduction is a myth has to do with the size of the . As the years pass and the principal portion of the mortgage payment .

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